Want to support us?

There are many ways in which you can help support Time Out Farm and the animals who live here..

Adopting from the Sanctuary

Adopting a ‘Sanctuary animal’ is a wonderful thing to do, and gives hope to many of the unwanted animals that we see so frequently. However always remember that taking on a new member of the family is a big commitment, and not something to be taken lightly.


Whilst we have many animals that come and go, we have some animals that will stay with us forever.

This could be for many reasons, they are too old to find a new home, they may be poorly or past experiences may mean they simply aren’t suited to a new environment or they could just have a special place in our hearts at Time Out Farm.

The cost of care for each of these animals can be great, so by sponsoring them you can help us enormously in making sure the rest of their days are happy ones.



You don’t need to donate money to help us – could you donate your time or knowledge? Volunteering is an excellent way to help the Sanctuary, and we need volunteers for core jobs.


The West Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary is a non-profit organisation that is currently self-funded by the owner. Money is needed to feed and care for each of our animals, as well as pay for vets bills and maintenance to the Sanctuary itself.

Any donations, however small are gratefully received and help enormously; THANK YOU.

We accept anything that could help maintain the Sanctuary such as resources like shavings for shelters.


Could you spare an hour a week to take our dogs (or goats!) for a walk or even spend some time with the animals?

For a few, leaving the Sanctuary might be too much excitement for now, but time spent with the animal giving it vital social time could help a lot in finding him or her a new home at a later date.

Social visitors need to be calm and often
patient. They need to be competent at handling the
animals and always act responsibly when in an animals

If you think you might be able to help please contact us.