Donations From The Public

The Time Out Farm Animal Sanctuary is a non-profit organisation that is currently self-funded by the owner. Money is needed to feed and care for each of our animals, as well as pay for vets bills and maintenance to the sanctuary itself.

Any donations, however small are gratefully received and help enormously; THANK YOU.

We don’t just accept money as a donation, we accept anything that could help maintain the sanctuary such as resources like straw for animal bedding.

Below you’ll find photos of items that have been donated to us by individuals over the past few years, we aim to continually add more and more photos as we receive the donations.

Please note: these are but a few of the many donations we have gratefully received over the years – If you are a donator and you haven’t been mentioned; don’t worry. You will be added.

 You can view the details of each donation by clicking on the photo.