Animals In Our Care

Time Out Farm aims to take in and offer shelter to any animal in need

We aim to not only rescue unwanted, sick or injured animals, but in-time, re-home them. Through the sanctuary we hope to find suitable homes for our animals, and we hope that should we receive an animal with trauma of any kind we hope to rehabilitate them in whatever way possible to find a new family.

The sanctuary takes in animals of all kinds. We believe that we should offer shelter for any animal in need, and we’ll never turn an animal down that we can support.

Some animals stay for a few weeks while others stay for months and a few have settled in as beloved for-life members of Time Out Farm.

All our animals have different personalities, and have had many different experiences in their lifetime before finding support at the sanctuary.

It is therefore vital that before someone takes an animal home we are able to discuss living arrangements with them to make sure that should they decide to adopt, there is a happy outcome for all.