Welcome to Time Out Farm Animal Sanctuary

The sanctuary provides a home for a variety of ponies, horses, donkeys, deer, cows, pigs, sheep, goats, dogs, chickens, peacocks, geese and many other animals which have found themselves without a home.

At any one time the Sanctuary can be looking after several hundred animals and birds. More information on the animals in our care, adopting and supporting an animal as well as general news can be found by browsing our site or contacting us by email.

The West Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary is solely self-funded by the owner, however we do get regular donations in all forms and sizes. To see what we are currently doing, to get involved, or to find out more about Time Out Farm be sure to check out all of the sections of the site. 

Feel free to have a 'ganders'

Be sure to check out our website, browse through the photo albums and tell your friends and family about Time Out Farm Animal Sanctuary.

We hope you enjoy your visit!

Want to visit us?

We welcome all visitors, from school groups and social organisations to individuals but due to the nature of animal care we only allow visits by appointment only, you can enquire by clicking on the “contact us” tab at the top of the page.